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Wet/Dry Risers

Dry Riser

A dry rising main is intended for use by the Fire Brigade or other trained personnel and provides a readily available means of delivering water to extinguish or prevent fire spread. They remove the requirement (and thus the delay) in the event of a fire of having to lay supply hoses from the ground floor level up to the fire level for the purpose of fighting the fire.

Dry risers comprise of a system of vertical distribution pipework and valves, which deliver water to individual floor levels for fire fighting purposes. They are often installed into staircase enclosures, or other suitable positions with outlet valves (or landing valves) on each floor and inlets fitted at ground level to enable the Fire Brigade to connect to a water supply.

Dry rising mains should be installed in buildings where any floor is at a height between 18 and 50 metres above ground level or where any floors are more than 10m below ground floor level.

Wet Riser

A wet riser is similar in configuration to a dry riser with the one key difference being that the supply mains are charged with water and connected to a permanent water supply. This could be a town main connection/water suppliers service main (if permitted and of sufficient capacity) or more commonly a water storage tank and pumpsets.

Wet risers are required on buildings exceeding 50m in height.

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