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Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems

A wet sprinkler system is the standard type installed in heated premises where temperatures remain above freezing point.

In a wet sprinkler system, the pipework is always filled with water.

When a fire breaks out the hot gases produced cause the nearest sprinkler or sprinklers to operate when their operating temperature is reached. Water is released immediately to extinguish or control the fire, simultaneously a mechanical alarm is sounded outside the building. An electrical signal can also be provided to alert local security and off-site to alert the Fire Brigade for example.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

A dry sprinkler system is installed where temperatures in a building may fall below freezing point.

In a dry sprinkler system, the pipework is charged with compressed air and the water is held in check by an air valve. This valve is of the differential type, which ensures that a low air pressure will hold back a much greater water pressure. When a sprinkler opens, the air pressure is reduced to the point where the air valve trips, allowing water through the pipework to the opened sprinkler in the normal way.

Tail-End Fire Sprinkler Systems

A tail-end sprinkler system can be used where there is a relatively small area of the building, which may be subject to frost such as a dock-levelling canopy.

This is a variation of the two systems described previously. An air valve is connected to the installation pipework of a standard wet pipe system and the pipework above the air valve is charged with compressed air. They are particularly useful when protecting external canopies and/or local cold areas within a building that would otherwise require supplementary heating or trace heating of wet type pipework.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Water Supplies

An essential part of all automatic fire sprinkler systems is an adequate water supply. Town mains are the most economical means of obtaining water, providing there is always sufficient volume and pressure available.

If this is not the case, Pyro Protection Limited can offer several alternatives, such as automatic fire sprinkler pumpsets (combination of electric or diesel) and water storage tanks.

Furthermore, we only ever use utilise fire sprinkler equipment approved to internationally recognised standards.

Above all

We are fire protection engineers so even if you have a specific fire risk that we don't cater for and you want to discuss it we would be happy to help and perhaps recommend someone who can. We aren't in the business of recommending our solutions when there is something more suited to your risk.

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