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Our sprinkler systems only get one chance to make an impression, let Pyro Protection make a positive impression on you.

We're sure it won't be our last.

About Pyro Protection

Honest expert advice, good value and recognised approvals. It's a worry free choice.

Pyro Protection Limited provide a range of automatic fire sprinkler systems and active fire suppression systems to assist clients in the management and protection of their premises.

You might think all fire sprinkler companies are the same. We're not.

We want to deliver outstanding results for our clients time and time again.

Cost Effective Solutions

We use every resource we have, our people, our experience, our intellect and our nerve to achieve our aim; to deliver the right solution at the right price time and time again.

We're not aiming to be the biggest but our aim is to be the UK's leading independent fire sprinkler company. We have a strong UK client base and extensive experience of providing automatic fire suppression throughout a wide range of premises.

We are financially stable and we recognise that we aren't in commodity sales, but we know that by being lean, working closely with trusted suppliers and by being agile and forward thinking we can offer outstanding and sustainable value time after time.

We have non-adversarial approach that is reflected in the long-standing valuable relationships we have with many of our suppliers and customers. We would rather lose a potential contract than end up arguing over final bills or using the services of cost consultants and quantity surveyors.

That may put us at odds with many of our larger competitors but it's a difference we prefer. That's why we find it critical to get the cost right at the beginning because our tender price is the total price rather than someone else's starting point.

We recognise that every single one of our clients is different and that a standard solution approach is not the answer for them, or for us. We want to know more about your business, your industry, and your philosophy than any of our competitors and when we sit down in front of you, you'll see that not only do we know what we are talking about but that we also know what you're talking about.

We can do the straightforward, but we are also recognised for being prepared to take on and successfully complete the most intricate and demanding challenges. That's why we are constantly winning business off our much larger rivals and once we have that business, it tends to stick with us.

It all comes down to one thing: we deliver.