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A hosereel system is similar to a private fire hydrant main in structure but with hosereels in place of hydrants. A distribution main is commonly linked to the public town main or stored water supply with hosereels spaced at predetermined points covering maximum floor areas or specific areas of risk.

Hosereel systems are not as commonly provided as in years gone by, which is potentially due to changing views on fire fighting responsibility. Hosereels are relatively simple to operate and can in most cases be operated by one person. However, it is important to note that appropriate training should be given to all persons in the use of 'first aid' fire fighting equipment. The same applies in the use of portable fire extinguishers.

Hosereel systems are often installed as part of an integrated approach to fire risk management and are designed for use on first discovery of an outbreak of fire. They are generally considered a more resilient firefighting method to portable extinguishers due to the increased water flow rate and the permanent connection to a continuous supply.

The design, installation, testing and maintenance of hosereel systems are covered by a BS 5306-1:2006 which is a code of practice guide.

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