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Hydrant systems are generally provided for use of the fire services or in some cases trained private fire services.

The principle of all hydrant systems is to assist in the delivery of water for fire fighting purposes at the appropriate place and time for the type of premises in which the fire is to be fought.

The source of water may be from a town main, a fire brigade tender, or a dedicated water storage tank and pumping facility.

In every case, the water will be delivered to an appropriate hydrant from which the fire services can connect their fire fighting hoses.

External Hydrant Mains

External private hydrants systems are fitted to underground water supply mains that are often extended from town main systems in the public highway. The hydrants can be located above or below ground on a predetermined spacing compliant with the overarching design standard.

The underground distribution mains can be installed in a terminal or ring main fashion depending upon the site configuration and the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction, such as the fire officer, the insurer or building control.

Pyro Protection can install Hydrant mains to internationally recognised standards and codes such as BS9990:2006 or NFPA 24.

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