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Deluge Systems

Deluge or Spray Systems

Deluge or spray systems are utilised on risks requiring total or zonal coverage with water. In this instance, the installation pipework is not pressurised and all the discharge nozzles are open. The system is triggered pneumatically or electrically by heat-sensitive detectors connected to an air line or separate electrical heat/smoke/optical detection.

In the event of fire, a control valve opens allowing water to discharge simultaneously from all the nozzles.

We've all seen it. In the middle of a movie, the hero will shoot out the sprinkler link, or someone will pull the fire alarm pull station, or a trouble-making teenager will put a lighter to a sprinkler, and suddenly every sprinkler throughout the building is flowing water. Hollywood's dramatic use of deluge fire protection systems may raise the level of excitement, but the practical application is certainly flawed. They will not be found in office buildings, hotels, or schools. However, there are a number of special hazard applications for just these types of systems.

Deluge sprinkler systems protect unusual and often critical facilities that are not suitable for protection by other types of sprinkler systems. They are used where severe, fast spreading fire is expected that could propagate at a velocity greater than the response capabilities of wet or dry-pipe sprinkler systems with standard thermally activated closed sprinklers.

These high hazard areas contain a severe fuel hazard with a high heat release rate thus requiring an immediate application of water (or foam & water solution) over the entire hazard.

Examples of Hazards
  • flammable liquids handling and storage areas
  • aircraft hangars
  • waste to energy plants
  • woodworking shops
  • explosives or ordnance plants
  • oil refineries
  • chemical plants
  • plastic factories or tote storage bins
  • conveyors and dip tanks
  • electrical transformers and switch gear

For small areas Pyro Protection Limited can install Multiple Jet Controls, which are local control valves containing their own detector element. Once triggered, these supply water to a small number of open nozzles.

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