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Pre-action Suppression

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action sprinkler systems are for hazards requiring a prior warning of sprinkler system discharge or where accidental discharge from the sprinklers or pipework due to damage would be unacceptable.

In this type of system, the pipework is filled with air at low pressure. Water is held back by an automatic valve that is triggered by a separate signal provided via electrical fire detectors located at strategic points around the risk.

In the event of fire, response from the detectors is rapid and causes the control valve to open admitting water into the sprinkler pipework and sounding an alarm. After a short time delay one or more sprinklers will open, releasing water onto the fire in the normal way.

There numerous ways in which to activate pre-action systems which can be tailored to suit varying risks.

These systems are generally used in areas where high value equipment or goods are stored to reduce or eradicate the risk of an accidentally damaged sprinkler discharging water because it requires the simultaneous operation of the electrical detection system before water is allowed to enter the system.

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