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Our sprinkler systems only get one chance to make an impression, let Pyro Protection make a positive impression on you.

We're sure it won't be our last.

Installation & Commissioning

We work hard off site to ensure the minimum of fuss onsite.

An unerring commitment to health and safety is essential when working in demanding environments, often at great height.

We have a very impressive record of health and safety on our projects, but we know that a momentary lapse can have serious repercussions.

For that reason alone, there isn't time to rest on our laurels. Safety starts in the office.

From the initial design, our first question is how we achieve a safe installation. Forward thinking and years of experience combine in producing well-ordered sprinkler installations.

We work on a daily basis in any number of demanding sites from new build through retrofit to active manufacturing sites.

Our experience in 'live' environments means that your production can continue unabated whilst our installation works progress safely in the background.

So whether your production line can't stop, your shutdown period is months away or your shoppers want to shop in peace, we are happy to remain an unobtrusive and fully supportive partner.

It is often remarked that no job is complete until the paperwork is done.

That's why we maintain focus until our sprinkler systems are complete, defect free and fully tested before we commence on meticulous handover training.

Just in case you were wondering we don't abandon you there, we also provide routine servicing and emergency maintenance on a 24/7/365 basis.

Don't forget about Service & Maintenance